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desine pic Русский
50% discount!

Advertising can be ordered by both project admins (a link to the site will be posted)
and project participants (we will post referral links).

The next video will be released on September 17

How will we advertise?
Advertising format – video, language - russian.
We will film and show your website of the project's, walk through its main pages, talk briefly about activities and plans, and introduce you to marketing and business plans.
We will place a direct link to your website in the description below the video.
We will post videos on the channel: desine pic
We plan to put it on Vimeo, Rumble resources in the future.
Links to videos will be posted on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.

We will record a video at the end of each week of the month. They will contain material about your project.
And so every week, 4 times a month, 48 times a year.

Links to all videos will be posted on this page.

The price of such advertising until the end of the month with a 50% discount:
1 video a week - $5
4 placements of 4 videos for one month - $16

5.00 USD or 16 USD

Prepayment. Payment systems:

pic pic pic pic pic pic pic pic pic

If necessary, you can also order full monitoring.
Detailed information desine here kaire

desinepickaire @kestutisr
pic k999v2

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